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About Us

Founded in 2002 by Fidel Lopez, Neptune Transport Service's main goal is to ensure that your Nicaraguan Holiday is as simple and comfortable as it is secure. Our administrators, staff, and drivers strive to provide the best travel and touring experience possible.


We do not believe in loose strings, and make ourselves readily available to you (via E-mail, Text, Phone, Whatsapp, or Facebook) both before and during your visit in our country to be sure of the quality and ease of your stay.

We take great pride in our company along with its rapport, and once you arrive in Nicaragua we are prepared and happy to cater to your travel needs in every possible way that we can.

Although Neptune Transport Services has been an operating business in Nicaragua for over a decade, our digital footprint was only first developed and established in the fall of 2017.  So, please keep in this in mind while our online development continues to evolve - and please leave us reviews!

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Here at NTS, we also care very deeply for every member of our organization. Sr. Lopez built this business with two ideas in mind: creating comfortable and safe travel among tourists, and promoting the lives of his employees so that they may better their own lives, their families and generations to come. There is a saying in Nicaragua, "Familia es Todo", which means, "Family is Everything." After traveling the world and being involved in many successful businesses, Sr. Lopez utilized and incorporated these same values into our company. 

And although Sr. Lopez is not Nicaraguan, he came here over 15 years ago for two reasons: The first was to start and raise his family in a place where the majestic beauty coincides with the encouragingly enthusiastic and heartening authenticity of the people of this country. Concurrently, the second reason was to be able to do the same for the lives of natives of Nicaragua, of whom he saw (and sees) great potential. Much like with his family, he goes above and beyond by investing his time in their general education, English, business ethics, and the proper decorum and virtue that so necessarily follows along with it. 

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